Quality, Integrity, & Accountability in Community Corrections

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

The Kintock Group- Philadelphia/Erie Avenue Facility

Site Administrator: Corey Davis
State Program Director:
Frank Guyon
Federal Program Director:
Scott Weiss
Program Capacity: 350 Program Capacity: 50

kintock_phillyThe Kintock facility in Philadelphia houses contracts with both the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections (PADOC) and Federal Bureau of Prisons (FBOP).  The facility provides a safe, secure, drug-free, residential environment for male and female offenders who are beginning their transition back to the community.  We aim to provide employment, education, life skills and treatment resources to all of our residents based on the individuals’ specific needs.   In providing these transitional services, Kintock is committed to meeting the standards of the American Correctional Association and complying with all policies and procedures mandated by the PADOC and FBOP.

Federal (BOP) Comprehensive Sanction Center Male/Female
301 East Erie Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 19134
215-291-7603 (fax)

PA DOC- Work Release/Treatment/Parole Programs – Male/Female
301 East Erie Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 19134
215-291-7699 (fax)

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