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Newark, New Jersey Residential

 Site Administrator: Gregory Bartkowski
Kintock’s Newark residential programs are designed to transition the offender into the community while reducing the recidivism rate.

Programs include the following:

Work Release Programs are aimed at preparing residents for the work place, assisting them to gain employment, and eventually transition back into their respective communities.  Some residents opt to attend colleges and universities during their stay at Kintock and many have received academic awards for their educational achievements.

Substance Use Disorder/Treatment programs for both male and female offenders. As an initial phase of  Kintock’s continuum of services, residents enter with a predetermined program plan and receive varying types of treatment.  The strategies and education used, address faulty criminal thinking and behaviors.  Adult basic education is provided along with computer literacy opportunities. Upon the successful completion of these programs, participants move towards the final phase of work release to continue their education and increase their employable skills before transitioning to the community.

S.T.E.P.S.  an acronym for Stages to Enhance Parolees Success provides an alternative for parolees, both male and female, who require additional structured services and treatment in a residential setting.

Employment Resource Centers: Kintock works diligently to help place residents in meaningful jobs and most importantly retain these positions by providing ongoing support and monitoring.


NJDOC- Correctional Treatment/Work Release
Building One
50 Fenwick Street
Newark, NJ  07114
973-622-0556 (fax)

NJ State Parole Program- (STEPS) – Male / Female
Building Three
50 Fenwick Street
Newark, NJ  07114
973-623-2039 (fax)

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