Quality, Integrity, & Accountability in Community Corrections



The Kintock Group knows how difficult it can be to find good employees.  We also know how vital someone’s work identity can be to their success in life.  That’s why we make it our business to prepare our clients for today’s work environment, to match them with employers and jobs that position them to succeed, and to provide supportive services as they make the transition to gainful employment.

So how is our business good for your business?  Partnering with The Kintock Group enables employers to instantly access a viable and motivated workforce.  This workforce is managed by dedicated employees who understand that the job placement process needs to be a “win-win” situation for both clients and employers.


What can you expect from your partnership experience with Kintock?  Working with our employment staff is like having a job recruiter, a placement specialist, and an employee assistance program on board at no cost to you!  As an Employer-Partner with Kintock you will enjoy the benefit of:

  • Candidate Pre-screening and Job Matching – You tell us what positions you are looking to fill, where these positions are located geographically, what the work hours are, and what you are looking for in a candidate.  Then we do the work!  We will refer only those candidates that can meet your needs, that possess the necessary qualifications and skills to perform the job, and that you deem to be a good fit for your work environment.  Further, you can maintain your drug-free workplace with confidence because Kintock clients are subject to random and regular drug screening throughout their time in our programs.

  • Work-ready Candidates – Kintock clients complete a comprehensive workplace literacy program prior to becoming work eligible.  Aimed at enhancing the skills that participants need to be productive members of the workforce, this literacy program includes courses in work readiness, communication skills, mathematic skills and word processing.  The candidates we refer and/or place with you have received instruction and training in the areas of workplace ethics, employee/supervisor communications, and conflict resolution.

  • Employee Support Services – Your relationship with and access to Kintock’s employment staff does not end when our client obtains employment with your business.  We continue to provide employment counseling and case management services to our clients throughout their stay in our programs. These services include attending to each employed client’s transportation needs, budget management, drug abstinence, and any other issues that may challenge their ability to sustain employment.

  • We are also continually available to you, the employer, during this time.  This availability is 24/7 in our residential programs.  Because sustained employment is tied to successful program completion, Kintock can be a very effective partner in addressing workplace policy compliance issues (e.g., attendance, work habits and behaviors), workplace communication and the like.

  • Key Federal Programming Linkages – Kintock enjoys a close working relationship with all of its local Career One-Stop Centers.  We can assist you with obtaining on-the-job training contracts.  We’ll also provide you with all the information you to need to apply for the federal government’s work opportunity tax credit and bonding programs.

In sum, our clients are far more likely to succeed in transitioning back into the community if they have had meaningful and practical experience in the workforce.

Kintock’s effective partnering with private sector employers is essential to clients developing the skills, behaviors and demeanor to maintain gainful employment.  That makes you and your business needs extremely valuable to our organization and our clients.