Quality, Integrity, & Accountability in Community Corrections

As part of the reintegration process Kintock believes that strong family support throughout the period of incarceration and well into the parole process is key to an offender’s ultimate success. Program participants are encouraged and shall have the opportunity to maintain family and community involvement prior to their final release. Visitation areas are located within each of our residential settings for social and legal matters. Social passes, furloughs and home confinement (where applicable) provide our participants with an excellent opportunity to strengthen family and community ties and to exercise responsibility.
  • Before a visit may take place, please ensure that our program participant has included you on the resident visitor’s list.   Visits are not permitted without the participant’s approval. (No exceptions)
  • All persons and/or items entering the facility are subject to search.
  • All visitors shall pass through the metal detector before being given access into the facility.
  • Official photo ID shall be provided to staff upon entering the facility.  ID will be returned to visitors when they sign out of the facility.
  • Visitors are not permitted to enter the visiting room with any handbags, briefcases or any bags during visiting hours.  These items must be left in your personal vehicle or a facility locker.
  • Cameras and cellular phones are not permitted inside the visiting area and must be left in a personal vehicle or a facility locker.
  • All visitors shall sign in upon arrival and sign out upon departure.
  • Visiting Minors, under the age of 18, shall be accompanied by a parent or guardian.
  • Weapons and controlled and/or illegal substances are not permitted in the facility.
  • No intimate physical contact is permitted during visits.
  • Visitors may not give anything directly to a resident.  All items must be inspected by staff before given to a resident.
  • Eating may be permitted based on location rules.  Please discuss with the participant or staff during visits for confirmation.
  • Special visits may be arranged with the participant & participant's Case Manager.
  • Visitors will not be admitted into the facility if they do not adhere to the proper dress code, i.e., no tank tops, halters, short shorts/skirts, see through clothing or any other items of clothing that staff deem as inappropriate.
  • Visitors are not permitted to enter any other section of the facility other than the visiting room, unless escorted by staff.

Rules may differ slightly depending on location. Please discuss with participant and/or facility staff. Facility staff reserve the right to terminate visits based on space and security needs. Failure to comply with these rules can result in the immediate termination of the visit, loss of visiting privileges and/or criminal prosecution.