Quality, Integrity, & Accountability in Community Corrections

View Open OpportunitiesIf you’re looking for a rewarding career in criminal justice, we invite you to learn more about exciting opportunities at Kintock. 

At Kintock, we offer a diverse range of employment opportunities from entry-level positions through professional careers.

As a leader in the community corrections industry, Kintock is committed to quality, integrity and accountability in the delivery of re-entry programs and services. 


Embracing Diversity

Kintock is deeply committed to promoting tolerance, respect and appreciation for cultural differences among all staff and program participants throughout the company. With this in mind, Kintock strives to hire diverse staff to work with the client population in its programs and works assiduously to promote understanding, tolerance and respect for cultural diversity within its facilities.

Kintock also provides mandatory annual employee training in cultural diversity and social and cultural lifestyles of the offender population.


Upholding Ethical Standards

Kintock is committed to upholding the highest ethical and compliance standards, as reflected by the organization’s policies and procedures. Our dedicated employees are committed to continually ensuring the saftey and security of each individual in our care.  This dedication to protecting program participants’ saftey, along with our mission to reduce recidivism forms the foundation upon which Kintock’s ethical standards are built. Kintock’s corporate code of ethics/employee standards of conduct serves to guide the organizaiton’s daily operations.


Promoting Professionalism and Staff Development

Kintock recognizes that a professional, qualified and experienced staff is integral to the success of our programs. By investing in the training and professional development of each of its employees, Kintock not only ensures the delivery of quality services to the ex-offenders who come into our care, but also fosters employee confidence and job satisfaction. This in turn promotes employee retention, which provides greater continuity of care for our clients.


To this end, Kintock’s employment training aims to:

  • Empower employees with the knowledge and resources they need to competently perform their job duties;
  • Provide employees with regular opportunities to develop and build upon their skill sets; and
  • Promote and support employees’ overall professional development.


Training at Kintock incorporates the following components:

  • New Employee Orientation
  • Annual Training Requirements/Topics Required by Company Policy and ACA Training Standards
  • Management and Leadership Development Program
  • External Training Opportunities and Continuing Education



Kintock offers an array of benefits to its employees that include the following:

  • Medical benefits;
  • Domestic partner coverage;
  • Dental benefits;
  • Life insurance;
  • Long term disability insurance;
  • Short term disability insurance (PA employees);
  • Confidential employee assistance program;
  • Health advocate;
  • At least two weeks of paid vacation;
  • Earned sick time;
  • Earned personal days;
  • Eleven paid holidays;
  • 401(k) Retirement Plan and;
  • Employee referral bonuses.

The Kintock Group is an Equal Opportunity Employer.