Quality, Integrity, & Accountability in Community Corrections


New Lives, New Futures: A Holistic Approach

 Kintock's holistic approach to programming involves a continuum of services that provides support to offenders at each stage of transition.

Kintock’s programs include:

  • Work Release:  Residential programs in which men and women in both Pennsylvania and New Jersey receive employment preparation programming, adjunct programs to address family, substance use/abuse, social services, community resources and legal issues, computer laboratory instruction, basic math and English skill-building classes and community service assignments.  Work release clients obtain jobs in the community well prior to being discharged from Kintock’s program.  Their work situations are carefully monitored, and Kintock case managers interface with local employers to offer support to employers and clients.


  • Substance Use Disorder:  Residential programs in which clients participate in structured substance use disorder treatment/programming offered in several modalities, including therapeutic community (TC) settings.  Clients typically progress from participating in these specialized programs to a work release component in which they receive all of the services and supports necessary to seek and obtain work in the community prior to program completion.


  • Community Resource Centers (day programs):  Males, females and a small number of juvenile offenders partake of the multi-faceted program agenda at these day programs.  Kintock operates CRCs in Newark, and Paterson, New Jersey.


  • Community Reentry Center:  Under a contract with the federal Bureau of Prisons, Kintock operates a residential program from its state-of-the-art site in Philadelphia.  Participants are offered a host of services to prepare them for working and living in the community, abstaining from substances of abuse, maintaining pro-social lifestyles, and staying within prescribed behavioral boundaries while at Kintock.


  • Stages to Enhance Parole Success (STEPS) Program:  Operating from Kintock’s Newark and Bridgeton sites, these residential programs are populated by individuals who have experienced difficulties while under parole supervision.  Clients are offered a comprehensive array of programs and services to help them stay within the behavioral parameters required by the New Jersey State Parole Board, local law enforcement, and Kintock.


  • Transitional Drug Abuse Treatment Services:  Kintock provides outpatient substance abuse counseling to adult clients in Newark, under a contract with the Federal Bureau of Prisons.