Quality, Integrity, & Accountability in Community Corrections

Kintock is proud to announce that the Erie. Avenue facility in Philadelphia was awarded re-accreditation by the American Correctional Association (ACA) after successfully passing its audit and achieving a perfect score of 100% compliance.

Site Administrator, Corey Davis, along with Corporate Compliance Officer, Nicola Cucinotta were presented with the accreditation certificate during a meeting in January before the Commission on Accreditation for Corrections that was held at the ACA conference in San Antonio, Texas. 

“This accomplishment is only possible as a result of all of the hard work and dedication of the employees here at Kintock Philadelphia,” noted Mr. Davis.

The Erie Avenue facility was first awarded ACA accreditation in 2004 and the next accreditation renewal will be in year 2019.

“ACA accreditation demonstrates Kintock’s commitment to outstanding community corrections services and compliance with industry-based best practices and standards,” explained Ms. Cucinotta.

The re-accreditation process was comprised of a two-day audit conducted by independent ACA auditors in November 2016 and included the review, evaluation, surveys and audits of 252 standards that address various components of community corrections, including physical plant safety, staff training and development, emergency procedures, rules and discipline, food service and sanitation, among others.

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