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Kintock Connection

As part of Kintock’s commitment to the local community, staff at the company’s Erie Avenue facility partnered with the 25th Philadelphia Police District to donate and wrap toys for children of Sheppard Elementary School. Approximately 30 toys were donated to children in Kindergarten through 5th grade.

“Kintock staff has always donated toys and clothing around the holidays,” said Corey Davis, Site Administrator. “However, this was the first time we have donated to this particular school.  We partnered with the 25th Philadelphia Police District, who was already donating to this school,” he explained. “Both the school representatives and the police were all very thankful for the generosity of the Kintock staff,” added Mr. Davis.

All Erie Ave facility staff also participated in a food drive, donating can goods or non-perishable items to help the needy have a wonderful Christmas holiday. The food donations were given to The Change Center, in Philadelphia.

The Kintock Group is excited to announce a new partnership with the City of Newark, Office of Reentry to recruit CRC clients for education/vocation and employment opportunities and assist them in obtaining gainful employment within the city of Newark. This partnership is the first of its kind between the Newark Mayor’s Office and a community resource center house.

Under the terms of the agreement, which commenced in August, representatives from the City of Newark, Office of Reentry visit the Newark Community Resource Center (CRC) weekly to provide outreach services, facilitate a presentation to the clients on employment services offered through the office and discuss eligibility requirements. Preparing clients for the workforce is the mutually shared mission of the Kintock’s Newark CRC and the Office of Reentry.

Kintock is excited to announce plans for a new program that will be designed to target the treatment needs of residents diagnosed with Substance Use Disorders (SUDS).  In an exciting development in 2014, the New Jersey Department of Corrections (NJDOC) and Department of Human Services (DHS) announced the formation of a pilot program for the provisional licensure of SUDS treatment programs operating within residential community release program (RCRP) halfway house facilities that contract with the NJDOC. Kintock Newark heeded the call to offer quality licensed therapeutic services and is prepared to provide 70 slots for RCRP residents diagnosed with SUDS. The new program, the first of its kind, is expected to commence in January 2016 and will be conditionally licensed by the Office of Licensing (OOL) within the Department of Human Services (OHS) and the DHS Division of Mental Health and Addiction Services (DMHAS).

The Kintock Group is pleased to announce that we are in the process of upgrading the technology infrastructure for the entire organization.  The upgrades will be implemented in phases over the next several months. The first phase in upgrading our IT systems is to increase the size and speed of our broadband voice and data lines and to replace the telephone system.

To accomplish this endeavor, Kintock has partnered with I-Core Networks, a top provider in cost-effective communications solutions, to provide us with larger broadband lines and manage the company’s voice and data connectivity.  This new telephony platform is cloud based and will include fiber lines with significant increase in bandwidth speed. The larger bandwidth lines will help to increase operational productivity of all of the company’s current network and cloud-based applications. 

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