Quality, Integrity, & Accountability in Community Corrections

Diane DeBarri

Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer

With more than 25 years of corrections experience, Diane DeBarri was appointed Chairman of the Board for Kintock in 2014. She has served as Chief Executive Officer since 2010. Having begun her career as an Intake Officer at Kintock, Diane brings a unique blend of clinical and operations experience to her present role. She is committed to forging strategic partnerships with government entities to meet the need for effective correctional re-entry programming. After joining Kintock in 1986, Diane quickly rose through the ranks, garnering recognition for her dedicated and diplomatic leadership skills. Prior to assuming the Chief Executive Officer Role, Diane served as President and Chief Operating Officer of Kintock.

Diane holds a bachelor’s degree in human services from Antioch University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.